Direct Sales – an Explanation

Direct sales is not a new concept. In fact, it may be the world’s oldest business model! You have something others need; they purchase it from you. The concept is simple, but direct sales looks quite different today than it did in the days of door-to-door salesmen.

The Internet

The internet has revolutionized direct sales. People still hold real life parties to promote their products, but the internet has paved the way for virtual parties, posting ads to others’ websites and social networking pages, online groups you can join or invite others to join, and so forth. The internet connects you to your potential customers like never before.

It used to be that the telephone was your connection to potential party hosts or hostesses, and the main means by which you promoted your product. You might circulate business cards, brochures and flyers (and these are still perfectly fine for business promotion), but phone calls ruled the day. For some, making cold calls is nerve-wracking, and it is certainly time-consuming. Now, you can send out mass emails and promote a party or event online. You can contact a larger number of people in less time, in other words.

Direct sales still involves direct contact with people – that’s why it’s called direct sales – and the face-to-face aspect is still present. However, in the internet age, people consider online discussions and personal posts to be personal interaction.

The Company

Most direct sales businesses are conducted through a company. You are essentially “hired” to sell a company’s products, but your revenue will come not in salary form but directly from the items or services you sell. There is no go-between, a role the store plays in retail sales. Customers buy directly from you, the company representative or consultant.

What Do You Sell?

There are so many things you can sell via direct sales. You can sell crafts you make yourself – handbags, necklaces, soaps, beauty products, clothing, cloth baby diapers, picture frames, and so forth. Or you can sell something manufactured by another company, such as candles, beauty products, supplements, cleaning supplies, kitchen appliances, and so on. Usually, a company will send you a start-up kit to help you begin.

How Do You Sell?

Many direct sellers hold parties, or gatherings where their products are demonstrated and purchased. You can market your product and promote your events online. Theoretically, you could hold a product party online and deliver the products, mail them, or have your “guests” pick them up.


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