How to Get Over Writer’s Block

Writer’s block happens to everyone. When you’re trying to create content for your website it can be extremely frustrating. Not to worry.

Writer’s block will pass. Here are a few simple strategies to work through writer’s block and get back to being productive.

#1 Many times writer’s block is caused by a lack of motivation.

You may simply not feel like writing. The best way to manage this type of writer’s block is to push through it. Start with the easiest writing task. Perhaps outline your content first. Or create a rough draft for the piece.

Another strategy is to tell yourself you just have to write one page. If you’re writing an article, then just write one paragraph. Taking baby steps helps you find a little motivation and sometimes that’s all you need.


#2 Perhaps you don’t know what to write about or you’re feeling uninspired.

There are many fun ways to move past this type of writer’s block.

* Go for a walk and clear your head. You will likely have a great idea come to mind while you’re away from your computer.

* Listen to music or do something fun. Most often inspiration is lacking because you’re not feeling creative. Listening to music can tap into your creative side quickly.

* Read. Visit other relevant blogs. Read the news. Read a magazine. There are inspiring content ideas everywhere.


#3 Change your environment.

It’s easy to get into a rut. When you change your routine it can pop you right out of writer’s block. Consider writing in a different room, at a different time of day or even at a different location. Head to your local coffee shop and enjoy the change of pace.


#4 Write backwards.

Instead of starting at the top and working your way through your article, start at the bottom. Write your call to action. Summarize your article. Then work your way backwards through the piece. Write the last point you want to make before you summarize and proceed up until you’re writing your headline.


#5 Close your computer!

Grab a pen and paper and write the old-fashioned way. There’s something freeing about writing with a pen and paper. You can then type it up and edit it later. Or you can fax it to your assistant and ask them to type it up.


#6 Finally, consider creating a few writing rituals.

Rituals can help you set the mood. They help you turn your writing brain on and everything else off. Great rituals range from a cup of coffee and an outline to meditation or a quick walk around the block.


Writer’s block doesn’t have to stop you in your tracks. Push through it, work around it and get your website content created quickly and easily.

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