Creating a Productive Writing Environment

Writing is difficult. Anyone that says otherwise isn’t telling the truth, or they’re not a writer. It can be even more difficult when you own your own business.

You probably have a number of distractions, tasks and responsibilities. One of the best ways to make writing content for your business just a little bit easier is to create a productive writing environment.

Here are tips and ideas to help you get started.

#1 Eliminate distractions.

While you may need to have your computer on to write, you don’t need the television on. And you probably don’t need to have your email account open. You certainly don’t need to be interacting on Facebook. Yet many people try to write while they surf, watch television, check their email and interact on social sites.

It’s just not productive. It’s like trying to drive and read a book at the same time. The best way to be productive is to focus on one task at a time. When you’re writing, get rid of all other tasks and distractions. Turn off your electronics, turn off your phone and close your email inbox.

#2 Clear the clutter.

Clutter on the desktop creates clutter in your mind. Get rid of the clutter before you sit down to write. Better yet, don’t let the clutter happen. If you need to, however, clean your desk off before you write.

#3 What do you need to write?

You probably need a computer or a pen and paper. Do you need something to drink? What about tissues or something to eat? Before you sit down to write, make sure you have everything you need. That way you can focus until your content is written. You won’t have any distractions or a reason to get up from your desk.

#4 Do not disturb.

If you work from home, then try to set boundaries with your family. Let them know you’re writing and need quiet. If you have children and they’re young, then consider writing when they’re asleep. That way you can be more certain to have uninterrupted time.

#5 Surround yourself with inspiration.

Writing is a creative process. Even if you’re writing very dry material, you still have to create it and make it interesting. You’ll have better success if you feel inspired and creative.

Surround yourself with things that make you feel creative. Your writing environment should be comfortable. Not too comfortable so you fall asleep but a place where you feel safe and productive. Some ideas for inspiring items include:

* Plants
* Photos
* Books (especially books on your niche topic)

Finally, consider adding an element of time to your writing environment. Set goals for your content and your writing time. For example, if you have three hours to write, how much can you accomplish during that time? A clock or a timer can help you stay on track to accomplish your content goals.

Taking steps to create a productive writing environment can help you stay on task. It can improve your writing and make it more enjoyable. If you write content for your business, you owe it to yourself and your future to create a productive environment today.

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