Finding the Right Direct Sales Company for You – Three Steps for Success

Direct sales has been a successful business model for decades. However, within the past ten years it has really grown. You can now find a direct sales company that sells just about anything.

From power tools to kitchen gadgets, there’s a direct sales company that support it. This can make it difficult to find the right company to choose.

Here are three crucial steps to help you narrow your choices and find the right direct sales company for your ultimate success.

Step #1 What are you interested in?

Take a look at your own passions, interests and hobbies. What do you like? What direct sales products, if any, do you own? Make a list of potential items you’d enjoy selling. For example, if you’re a fitness enthusiast then you may enjoy selling fitness gadgets, nutrition supplements or outdoor gear. Make a list of 5-10 products you think it would be fun to sell. Remember, fun is important. If you don’t like the products they’ll be tough for you to sell.

Step #2 Research direct sales opportunities

Now that you have a list of potential products you’d like to sell, it’s time to research. You can find direct sales directories online. You can also visit the Direct Sales Association,, for information. Write down the companies that offer products that match your interests.

Step #3 Compare opportunities

Not all direct sales companies are created equally. In fact, they can be quite different. Visit the website of each direct sales company you’re interested in. Compare:

* Company growth and history – How long have they been in business and how successful are they? Is the company growing?

* How they support their consultants – Do you get marketing materials? Do you have access to a mentor? Do they provide a website?

* How much does it cost to get started?

* How much do they pay? How are you compensated?

* Do they offer a tiered system? Can you recruit new consultants and earn a percentage of their sales?

* How often do they add new products?

* What are their marketing rules? Can you create your own marketing materials? Can you have a website? (Some companies do not allow this.) Do they allow you to sell however you see fit?

You’re likely going to find pros and cons for each company you research. If you need help narrowing down your choices, consider attending a party in your area. Getting to know other direct sales consultants who also represent the company’s products can answer your remaining questions.

You’re going to invest a lot of time and energy into your business. Make sure you’re representing a company that is going to support you to succeed.

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