Making Money on Facebook – Tips for Beginners

When you start talking about “making money” on Facebook, some people may think you are talking about some kind of scam. But, while money-making scams abound on the internet, Facebook does offer legitimate ways to make money.

It is a learning process, and no one says it will be an easy road! But that is what differentiates Facebook from a scam – scams are too easy; they promise much for very little.

If you want to make money on Facebook, you’ll need to invest some time and probably some money. Here are some tips for beginners who are new to the Facebook scene (or at least the money-making aspect of Facebook).

1. Facebook itself

Facebook has various groups dedicated to helping others make money online. Search, find, and join these groups and learn as much as you can from them. Take free resources like e-books and other instructional items.

2. Take it easy

Sources say it’s really better if you take it fairly slowly in the beginning. As a beginner, you are learning as you go, and it’s far easier to “cut your teeth” on one project and then apply what you’ve learned to other projects once the first one is underway. Otherwise, you will be trying to learn too many things at once and may get overwhelmed.

3. Your fan page

You will need to have a compelling fan page or “landing page” for visitors. This is where you can post pictures, graphics, and other interesting images that are relevant to your business. This page is also where you can host giveaways, contests, and other promotional events.

4. Facebook advertising

Once you have your fan page set up, you can begin making money with Facebook ads. You will need to research your market – the type of people you’re selling to – by searching Facebook users’ profiles. (There are various ways to do this – by keywords, common interests, and so forth.) Then you can develop an advertisement that can be posted on the side of their Facebook page. This is why single people end up with “Meet Singles” ads on their Facebook pages, and why people who like to cook may see chef supply companies ads on their pages.

5. Apps

Apps, or applications, are bits of software you can utilize on Facebook. They can be purchased, or you can develop your own. Sometimes a unique app can be a good selling point. Sources say you don’t have to be techno-savvy to create apps; it’s apparently a relatively user-friendly process. There are many tools and resources on the internet to help you in this area.

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