Marketing Strategies through Facebook

If you are looking to market your business through Facebook, there are some strategies out there that can help. Regardless of what business you’re in, these strategies may prove helpful in getting the word out about your products. Here are some of the better-known marketing tools and tips available for Facebook users.

1. The App

Probably the most important marketing strategy you can employ is the app (or many apps). Short for “application,” apps are software that can enable you to do all sorts of interactive things, from hosting events to holding contests. Here are a few of the apps you might consider adding to your Facebook business page.

* Inbox – This app allows you to send messages to contacts and customers you select. You can send individual messages or mass ones; the point is you choose the specific recipients.

* Events – The Events app lets you spread the news about what’s happening. You can notify large numbers of people and update them quickly about an event and its details.

* Badge – Link Facebook users to your website with the Badge app. It’s a good idea to have a “Find us on Facebook” button on your website, too.

* Networked blogs – You can use this app to update your latest blog post in your profile feed.

* Platform: Make your own – You can customize your own applications on Facebook using Platform. This could be a way for your creativity to make your business stand out.

2. Research your market

Any marketing strategy is improved with market research. You can research Facebook’s demographics online – articles abound that relate the results of case studies and demographic research. This might best be tackled through an online search – type “research Facebook demographics” into your search engine and examine the results. You can also search Groups on Facebook in many markets.

3. News feed

There are various tactics for getting your information to spread rapidly, but some knowledgeable Facebook users say that news feed is the best way to get this kind of coverage. The news feed is the central part of your Facebook page; it’s where your activity is posted and it’s the first thing people see when they visit your page.

4. Selling items

Facebook recently got on board the retail train – the relatively new “Payment” app allows you to upload your inventory to Facebook and sell your items from your page. Customers can purchase items through the now-familiar shopping cart/checkout strategy, right from your Facebook page. You even have the option of offering discounts to people who click the “Like” button.

5. Join groups

Joining groups gives you a means by which you can post informative videos, links, and so forth in your demographic. Join groups that are relevant to your business and participate. You can also form groups of your own and invite others.

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