Networking on Facebook to Boost Your Business

What exactly is “networking” and how can it help your business? Networking, in short, is connecting with friends, family, and potential clients. On Facebook, that is done electronically online, and the potential to network with a large number of people quickly has never been greater.

You can tap into this networking potential to boost your business on Facebook, and here are some tips and ideas for doing that.

1. Be yourself…

…but be professional. While Facebook is a social network, it could be a mistake to interact with your clients and prospective clients the same way you would with your casual friends. So make sure your clients get information that is absolutely “you,” but not everything about you!

This way of being “professionally you” can also help boost your business by adding the uniqueness factor. There’s only one you, after all.

So watch what you say, and don’t hesitate to make use of Facebook’s privacy settings to make sure your professional and personal posts do not mix. (You also might want to have only a professional presence on Facebook and not a personal one.)

2. Networking software

There are various forms of software available that can allow you to network more effectively. You might consider software that allows you to network your blog, so that you can share and promote it with your Facebook fans and followers. There are other types of software, too, that can enhance your networking capabilities.

3. Make sure others can “Like” you

It’s a good idea to be sure that you have the “Like” plug-in on your Facebook business page. This is the basic first step in getting people to notice you and your business. What people like on Facebook shows up in their news feed, so their friends can see what they like and may, in turn, click on the link to see what’s so likeable about your business. There are also other options, such as “Become a fan” as well. Just make sure there is a quick and easy way for visitors to show their support of your business.

4. Building trust and confidence

Facebook is the sort of place where reputations can be created or ruined. Make it a practice to think through what you post and be sure you deliver on your promises. Building a good reputation is essential in any business venture, but the opportunity to build a good reputation (or a bad one) is better than ever these days – you can make a name for yourself in a short amount of time that was unheard of several years ago. So make sure you keep your fans and followers up to date.

5. Know what to say

In order to build consumer confidence and get the word out about your business, you will need to know what you’re going to say. People will lose interest if you don’t deliver compelling and interesting content, and deliver it consistently. Part of networking is making sure you are providing what people need. So make sure you give them the information they expect from you on a regular basis.

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