Tips For Hosting Local Events

There are plenty of unconventional advertising methods that work. Many businesses fall into the trap of doing nothing but traditional advertising. However, thinking outside the box is often great for generating interest. Here are two tips that work:

#1) Free workshops or seminars  

These are excellent ways to get the word out about your company. When done right, you can get a lot of new business from these strategies.
However, don’t make it one giant “pitch fest.”

That doesn’t mean you can’t promote your product. However, you don’t want that to be the focus. A lot of businesses put on seminars where they do nothing but advertise.

This leaves a bad taste in people’s mouth.

Instead, you should aim to help your prospects. At the end, after you’ve delivered a lot of great information, then you can talk about your products or services. This is how to build trust from those attending.

How do you get the word out about your event?

Obviously advertising to the customers on your list is smart. You might also want to do a press release to let the public know about it. These are one of the best forms of free advertising there is, and it would be a mistake to not at least try.

#2) Community service event

Sponsoring a local charity event is a great idea for getting some advertising. It’s not free, but it can be well worth it. It also attaches your company name to a worthy cause.

And it doesn’t just have to be charity. Any worthy cause you can sponsor would be smart. An example would be a local baseball team.

How do you know the best places to sponsor?

You have to remember that the main reason you are doing this is for advertising. If you just want to help a good cause, then give to it on your own accord, not part of your business. You have to make sure you will get enough out of it to make it worth it.

If you just get to put your name on a billboard at the event, it’s probably not worth it. However, if they let you speak at the event and promote your company, this is a great strategy.

Also think about your budget.

Many events are simply too expensive to sponsor. Therefore, first set a budget, and then see what’s available for your price range.
The reality is, both these methods can be a giant waste of time when done wrong. The main thing you want to remember is to deliver lots of great free value. Only after doing this should you promote your company. This is how to use unconventional advertising to get more business.

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