Two Ways to Use Audio & Video

How do you use audio and video for local marketing? This can be very effective when done right. Here are two of the best outlets to use them:

#1) Video

Videos are now appearing in the search results. Therefore, creating a video and getting it ranked is very effective. It’s often times more interesting than text, and therefore can be a better marketing tool.

The best way to drive traffic is to upload the video to Youtube. This site has the best chance to get ranked. Therefore, putting your videos on here would be smart.

Also, you will want to make sure you tell people what the name of your business is and where it is located throughout or at the end the video. It’s pointless to have a great video if you don’t promote yourself with it.

Target local keywords.

Obviously the video is designed to get local customers. Therefore, it won’t do you much good to rank for a keyword that is searched by predominantly people outside your area.

So how do you know what local keywords to target with your videos?

Obviously the Google Adwords keyword tool is one of the most well known keyword research tools out there. However, is another one you can try. This is one focuses on local specific keywords, and it might include some that the Adwords tool left out.

And don’t forget to use video on your site.

Video is not just good for getting more traffic. It can also boost your conversions when you use it on your site. This is because “a picture is worth a thousand words.” It’s good for the auditory person, who’d rather hear about your product than read it.

#2) Teleseminars

This is another great “unorthodox” form of marketing. What should you include on the tele-seminar?

Generally you just want to include a lot of great free information. Then you can promote your product at the end.

It shouldn’t be just one giant pitch for your product from beginning to end. Instead, you want to educate people. Don’t give them the whole story, but give them enough free information to wet their appetite. Leave out just enough where they have to buy your product to get the rest of the story.

The bottom line is, using video and teleseminars is a very underutilized marketing strategy that works. This helps make your marketing more interesting and effective.

They both really cater to the auditory and visual person, which most websites do a poor job of doing. Implement them one at a time, and you should see your profits go up dramatically.

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